The application possibilities.

In silos or tanks, a hose system consisting of special textile material is used which is permeable to air on one side. With this hose system, the stored, powdery bulk material is aerated and prepared for transport. The fluidised air distributed evenly over the entire cross-section ensures a continual discharging and prevents a core flow/rat hole in the silo.


The demand for air and thus for energy is remarkably low. Every silo can be easily retrofitted with this system and adapted to any condition on site. Retrofitting of the approx. 110 mm wide aeration hose is possible in all silo geometries. Mounting systems for all silo materials are available.

The functionality.

A one-sided air permeable special textile hose is equipped with an inner, stabilising aluminium strip. For fluidisation, compressed air is routed into the hose using a ring line installed inside or outside with a positive operating pressure of 0.5 to 0.7 bar g and an air volume of 1.0 to 1.5 Nm³/h/m².

A discharging aid for every situation.

The BEWO conveying system has demonstrated its flexibility and versatility many times over. A case example shows this: Two bread crumb silos in a concrete bunker used as storage by Brata in Neuss proved to be particularly difficult to access. The unusual bunker design caused frequent operational malfunctions during the conveying of the product. It was only after a “Hermanns System” discharging aid had been retrofitted and the ring line had been separated into four areas that it became possible to fluidise the bunker section by section.

Installation of the aeration equipment in the silo.
3D view of a concrete bread crumb bunker with the retrofitted "Hermanns System" discharging aid.

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