The application possibilities.

The air conveyor pipes developed in-house are easy to operate and perfectly suited as a conveying element for powdery goods. The fluidised bed guarantees a low-wear, dust and maintenance-free transport. Rotating parts (e.g. screws) are not needed for this. Simple control of the conveying is possible at any time through hand openings. The pipe can be easily cleaned without time-consuming dismantling. Any number of connections can be installed. This component can thus be used flexibly and, at the same time, minimises the consumption of energy.

Installation options

As long as there is adequate height for the laying of the pipes, the length of the pipes or the distance plays a virtually negligible role. 


The air conveyor pipe is available in two versions:

  • DIN pipe
  • Flange pipe


The use of the correct pipes makes simple connection to the up and downstream plant parts possible. No adapter parts are needed. The fluidised air is supplied using one or two “Hermanns System” aeration hoses. For this, compressed air at an operating pressure of 0.5 to 0.7 bar g must be available. The air volume is dependent on the conveying output and the type of product. 

3D representation of an air conveyor pipe.


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