Application possibility

The inflow impact head is used as a silo and tank inflow at the end of a pneumatic conveying pipe and is a flow diverter for the entry of pneumatic conveying piping in a tank or silo. The conveying piping is expanded to a diameter of DN 250 and at the same time diverted by 90 °. The expansion causes a reduction in the flow rate in the impact head. The impact head is distinguished by a very low loss of pressure. The use of special materials ensures a high wear resistance even when transporting abrasive materials.


The connector flanges are designed as per DIN EN 1092-1 (DIN2576). Simple retrofitting is possible anytime.


For special application areas, an impact head with an exchangeable cover is available. The efficiency of impact heads with PU lining for the pneumatic conveyance of quartz powder is currently being tested.



Inflow impact head
Inflow impact head made of NiHard


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