ROWEFLEX® pipes and bends

The ROWEFLEX® piping system is equipped with a special polyurethane (PU) elastomeric lining. The lining for ROWEFLEX®pipe bends is used in pneumatic conveying pipelines for the transport of abrasive materials. It was developed and patented by our employees together with Wegen GmbH Gummierzeugnisse, Königswinter. 



Cross-section of a ROWEFLEX® pipe.

Thanks to its especially soft and smooth surface, the elastomeric lining causes the product grains to bounce off the lining during conveying preventing grinding effects within the pipes. The absence of abraded iron particles make ROWEFLEX® pipes and bends particularly well-suited to the conveying of, for example, glass sands. Positive side effect: The maintenance costs are reduced due to longer service lives.


The steel pipes lined with polyurethane in a special process can be laid like normal conveying pipes. Connector flanges as per EN1092-1 (DIN2576) guarantee trouble-free connection with existing plant parts and simplify the replacement of conveyor pipes. ROWEFLEX® pipes are easier to handle during installation than pipes with a ceramic oxide lining.


The inflow impact head developed in-house is also lined with this special polyurethane analogous with the piping. A wear-protection cover makes quick replacement of areas under heavy strain possible.


ROWEFLEX® pipes are currently available in the nominal widths DN80, DN100 and DN125; other nominal widths upon request. 



Detailed view of a ROWEFLEX® pipe.
ROWEFLEX® inflow impact head with opened wear-protection cover with PU lining.


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